The History of Tony J. Volk

Tony J. Volk


Tony J. Volk's career in the poultry industry began just after World War II, when millions of young service men and women were returning home to start families, careers, and to begin their quest for the “American Dream.” At this time, he joined Washington Creameries, a turkey processing facility in Salem, Oregon, and eventually worked his way up to the position of plant superintendent.

In 1951, a managerial position opened up in the company's Turlock, California, facility. Tony, his wife and three young children then journeyed south to this small central California community to explore this new opportunity. There, Tony's career blossomed and he invented a range of products and machines related to turkey processing which evolved into the Volk Enterprises, Inc. we know today—a modern manufacturer and distributor of value-added products for processors and consumers alike.

Tony worked until his passing, in 1991. While the poultry industry has changed radically over the years, Volk Enterprises is still dedicated to the original company motto: We are in business with you!