Clean Eating Starts with Your Fridge

So you want to make better eating choices? Your healthy eating depends on keeping a clean refrigerator stocked with healthy items! Follow our tips for clean eating!

Keep Your Fridge Clean

Want your healthy foods to stay fresh? Keep your fridge clean! Can't commit to cleaning out your refrigerator on a weekly basis? Try cleaning it on a monthly basis then. Be sure to throw away expired foods and use a safe disinfectant to clean shelves and, meat and crisper drawers. Always store foods in the appropriate places and use plastic wrap and airtight containers when appropriate. For instance, store like fruits and vegetables together to preserve freshness, and put meats and seafood together on trays to avoid cross-contamination of other foods. Check out these tips for storing cooked meats.

Healthy Options

To tempt yourself less, avoid stocking your fridge and pantry with unhealthy items. Instead, have lots of healthy vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy and lean proteins, like chicken breast and salmon on-hand.

Portions & Planning

If you're feeling like you start the week off well only to fizzle out on your diet, make a habit to plan your meals ahead of time. Portion out snacks and meals a few days at a time for easy access. Also, if you plan healthy meals you might be more likely to stick to a plan than just winging it. To save on costs, plan your meals to use your ingredients in more than one way. Example: Making ground turkey tacos with slices of avocados, and having a few slices of avocado with your egg whites the next morning. Need help with portions? Take a look at this article. (link to other Feb. article re: portions)

Temperature Control

The FDA specifies keeping your refrigerator at or below 40° F (4° C) and the freezer temperature should at 0° F (-18° C).

Cooking Safely

Keeping healthy foods chilled in a clean fridge is a great start to eating healthy. Use a Pop Up® Disposable Cooking Thermometer or Cook'd Right Sensor from Volk Enterprises to cook your meat, poultry and seafood safely, and keep your family healthy. Check out our other article for healthy cooking methods.