The Hok Cuff® is a dependable method of efficiently trussing whole bird chickens. This convenient, inconspicuous device firmly holds the chicken legs in place throughout processing and during cooking.

Non Metallic

Made of non-metallic, food grade materials that are USDA and FDA approved, the Hok Cuff® can be easily removed by consumers for proper rinsing and stuffing prior to cooking.

Oven Safe

The Hok Cuff® is safe for use during the cooking process and withstands oven temperatures up to 500°F, depending upon application.

Attractive Appearance

The Hok Cuff's® unique design is less obtrusive in final packaging than other means of securing the hocks of poultry at the market.

Easy Identification

This versatile device can be used as is (clear) or can be color coded to identify different flavors and/or products.

Easy to Use and Apply

The Hok Cuff® can be packaged on runners for ease of use to be applied by a semi-automatic machine.

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