Food Safety Tips

Volk Food Safety Tips

#1 Food Safety Tip: Keep it Clean

  • Frequent hand washing is the best way to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Keep countertops, cuttings boards, knives, bowls and other utensils clean and dry when not in use.
  • Whether it's wood, acrylic, plastic, stone or other material, never use the same cutting board used to cut up raw meat to chop vegetables, fruit, cooked meats or breads. Thoroughly clean cutting board after each use with soap and water.
  • Never place cooked meats on a platter or dish that has had raw food on it until it has been thoroughly cleaned with soap and water.
  • Don't taste from the same spoon used to stir the pot. And, don't re-dip a used spoon to resample. Just spoon a sample into a small bowl or saucer and taste from that.

#2 Food Safety Tip: Keep it Cold (below 40°F)

  • Store foods in the refrigerator until ready to either cook or serve.
  • When traveling, pack coolers with ice or frozen cold packs. Clean milk jugs filled with water, or individual water bottles make good ice packs when frozen.