Ideas for Fresh Spring Side Dishes

Ah, spring is in the air! Put a little freshness into your side dishes for great spring holiday meals, or family weeknight meals.

Here are a few of our ideas for fresh spring side dishes.

  • Spring pea soup with ham is great as a first course. Cooking a ham for Easter? Use the leftovers for this delicious soup.
  • Bacon wrapped asparagus bundles feature in-season asparagus and bacon, a perennial favorite. Not into pork? Use turkey bacon.
  • Roast Brussels sprouts in duck fat and season with garlic, tarragon and lemon.
  • Artichokes are harvested mainly during the spring. Stuff artichokes with lamb meat and pine nuts for an upscale meal or side dish.
  • Beets are good and good-for-you. For an interesting salad, combine spinach, beets and chicken.
  • Fava beans are a superb accompaniment for lamb or beef.
  • Braised leeks are a great addition for comforting roasts, and are in season this time of year.
  • Mashed turnips are a fun alternative to potatoes. Serve turnips with fresh fish, beef or lamb dishes.

No matter what you serve this spring, be sure to cook to the appropriate temperature. For whole poultry, lamb and beef roasts, trust Volk's Pop Up® Disposable Cooking Thermometer.

For smaller cuts of chicken, fish or steak, try our Cook'd Right Sensor. Both of these devices are sold with your meat, saving you a step. Ask your butcher, grocer and favorite brands to carry Volk's products.