Latin American Cuisine Taking off in U.S.

If you haven't been living under a rock, certainly you have noticed that menus and food products are taking inspiration from Central and South American, and Caribbean Latin American traditions here in the U.S.

Mexican cuisine, a long-time favorite in North America, is still growing in popularity. Bon Appѐtit Magazine's Andrew Knowlton explained that tacos will continue to show up on menus this year. The magazine said, “When I used to ask chefs where they were dying to eat, it would be Barcelona or Copenhagen. Now the answer is invariably Mexico.”

While unsurprisingly Mexican cuisine is a favorite in the Southwest, Peruvian food was listed as a favorite in Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia and Florida, as highlighted by the Huffington Post. As another example, Chilean food has been a recent hit nationwide, according to an Associated Press story featured on

So what can you expect to see in restaurants and in grocery stores near you? We're thinking more extensive Latin American options will be lining shelves. Likewise, specialty grocery store chains continue to grow in popularity, which offer an increasing amount of ethnic food options. Fusion food will also inevitably continue to grow. Expect to see Latin American flavors tied into American classics like burgers, pizza, sandwiches and more.

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