The Hok Lok® is a proven quality product, convenient for both processor and consumer. It is a dependable, time-tested method of efficiently trussing whole bird turkeys. This metallic device firmly holds the turkey legs in place throughout processing. It is available in a variety of sizes to fit varied weights of turkeys, from 3 to 24+ lbs.


Easy to Apply

Convenient for both processor and consumer, the Hok Lok® is a proven quality product. The Hok Lok® can be easily removed by consumers for proper rinsing and stuffing prior to cooking.

Product Weight (Turkey) Quantity per Case
#1A 3-8 lbs. 2,500
#1 4-10 lbs. 2,500
#2 10-14 lbs. 2,000
#2 Tray Pack 10-14 lbs. 2,400
#2L 14-16 lbs. 2,000
#3 14-22 lbs. 1,200
#3L 20-24 lbs. 1,200
#4 20+ lbs. 1,200
#4L 24+ lbs. 1,000