Our Commitment for Food Quality

Exceptional Food Quality Is Our Top Priority

Here at Volk Enterprises, we are committed to providing products that not only add value to your product but also enhance the cooking experience..

The most accurate and safest way to tell if meat is properly cooked is by its end point temperature. Properly cooking foods to their safe internal temperature assures consumers that the risk of contracting food-borne illness is significantly reduced. It also assures that foods are at their peak of flavor and desirability.

The Volk team of dedicated and trained professionals are committed to ensuring our products continually meet our high level of accuracy. Thousands of our products are tested every day to ensure they will provide our customers with an accurate way of determining proper cooking doneness every time.

By using a Pop Up® Disposable Cooking Thermometer and The Cook'd Right Sensor, the result is perfectly cooked food every time, no guesswork needed.