Flavor & Product Identification

Identifying the flavor and type of product is made easy using one or more of the following identification products from Volk Enterprises. Ideal for use in delis and meat departments.

  • Clucker-Truss<sup>®</sup>


    The Clucker-Truss® elastic trussing band is designed to secure the legs and wings of poultry firmly to the body, facilitating the rotisserie process. The increased elasticity of the Clucker-Truss® makes…

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  • Flavor-It Tag<sup>®</sup>

    Flavor-It Tag®

    The Flavor-It Tag® is an attractive, color-coded identification system for tied or netted rotisserie products. Easy Identification The Flavor-It Tag® allows the processor or retailer to truss the product with…

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  • Skewer


    This non-metallic, nylon Skewer is a handy device that is designed to enhance the presentation of filets, tournedos and pinwheels. The Skewer provides an upscale look for any high-end food…

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