NEW skewer


This non-metallic, nylon Skewer is a handy device that is designed to enhance the presentation of filets, tournedos, and pinwheels. The Skewer provides an upscale look for any high-end food product. It easily inserts into the meat, keeping intact stuffed or rolled entrées, for a neat appearance.


Easy to Use

Made of Food Grade Material

Eliminates the Need for Dangerous Metal Products That Cause Interference with Metal Detection

Eliminates the Need for Hazardous Wooden Products or Toothpicks That Can Splinter, Causing Harmful Results to Consumers

Eliminates the Need for Clumsy String Tying

Provides an Attractive Finished Appearance to Meat and Poultry Entrees


The Skewer is compatible with oven, stovetop, microwave, and barbecue cooking methods.

Multiple Colors

To make product identification easy, the Skewer is available in multiple colors.