Pop Up® Timer Ensures Perfectly Cooked Pork, Everytime

For years, grocers and consumers have depended on Volk Enterprises’ Pop Up® Disposable Cooking Thermometer for perfectly prepared whole chickens and turkeys. With its peak usage typically during the holidays or at formal Sunday family get-togethers, the Pop Up® is now making its way to the more casual side of the dinner table, pork.

With the recent transition in the marketplace to easy, safe and convenient products for the busy, overworked consumer, Volk’s Pop Up® has placed a new spotlight on meats requiring little, to no prep time, specifically in the pork segment. By using the convenient and accurate Pop Up® timer, cooking pork has never been easier. Many home cooks overcook pork due to food safety concerns leaving their pork bland and dry; some may even avoid it altogether. However, tough, dry and flavorless pork roasts or pork loins can be easily prevented with the use of the Pop Up®.

Volk Enterprises has a Pop Up® to fit just about any type of food item or application, from pork roasts to grilled steaks. Using patented organic firing mediums, it accurately indicates, within + or - 2°F, when the optimum level of doneness has occurred, eliminating the guess work for consumers and assuring a perfectly cooked product each and every time.

It is because of this accuracy and reliability that more and more consumers are requesting the Pop Up® at their local butcher counters. As a result, processors, grocers and butchers nationwide are meeting the demand and are adding the Pop Up® to their product offerings, thus adding value, increasing product satisfaction and showing customer appreciation.