The Clucker-Truss® elastic trussing band is designed to secure the legs and wings of poultry firmly to the body, facilitating the rotisserie process. The increased elasticity of the Clucker-Truss® makes it easy to apply and offers extraordinary holding power that keeps the wings and legs of the birds intact throughout the cooking process. Its many valuable features will benefit processors, retailers and consumers alike.

Increased Elasticity

The increased elasticity of the Clucker-Truss® provides better stretch for easier use while providing superior holding power during cooking.

Added Variety

The Clucker-Truss® is available in a wide variety of sizes and colors for a tailored fit and flavor identity. Most sizes can be bundled for increased production efficiencies.


The Clucker-Truss® elastic trussing band is ideal for a wide range of applications. Use it to firmly hold poultry in place, tie roasts and chops, hold together pre-sliced hams and rib racks, and secure pinwheels and other specialty products.

Multiple Colors

Size Quantity/per case
B063 42,000 (6 bags of 7,000)
20cm 30,000 (6 bags of 5,000)
22cm 26,600 (7 bags of 3,800)
25cm 26,600 (7 bags of 3,800)
28cm 24,500 (7 bags of 3,500)
Size Quantity/per case
30cm 23,100 (7 bags of 3,3000)
40cm 17,400 (6 bags of 2,900)
15/611 30,000 (5 bags of 2,900)
28/611 14,500 (5 bags of 2,900)
34/611 14,000 (7 bags of 2,000)
36/611 14,000 (7 bags of 2,000)

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