The Handi-Clamp® trussing device provides both an attractive and compact manner of securing the hocks of turkeys throughout processing.

Non Metallic

Designed using food grade material, the Handi-Clamp® securely holds the legs of the turkey close to the body during processing. The Handi-Clamp® can be easily removed by consumers for proper rinsing and stuffing prior to cooking. The Handi-Clamp® can also be used to secure the legs of the turkey during the cooking/roasting process, if desired.

Attractive Appearance

The Handi-Clamp® material is non-corrosive and maintains its clean appearance throughout the cooking process.

Highly Heat Resistant

The Handi-Clamp® withstands oven temperatures up to 500°F, depending upon application.

Poultry Type Weight (Turkey) Quantity per Case
Mini Hen up to 9 lbs. 2,500
Lite Hen 9-11 lbs. 1,700
Hen 11-15 lbs. 1,700
Super Hen 15+ lbs. 1,400
Tom 17-24 lbs. 1,200
Super Tom 24 lbs. 1,000

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